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Material Specifications

Material DIN AISI BS Corrosion Resistance
In Salt Spray Test
W1 Steel, Zinc Plated 144h+

Band & Housing 1.4016 430 430 S 17 72h+
Screw Steel, zinc plated
W3 1.4016 430 430 S 17 200h+*
W4 1.4301 304 304 S 15 240h+
W5 1.4401 316 316 S 31 400h+
Tridon Hoseclamps have specifically been designed
to spread radial distribution of the clamping force.

The clamp makes optimal contact with the hose and
ensures a secure seal.


Ideal Tridon ZSi-Foster Hydra-Zorb Wesanco Florida Strut Versabar Campbell Fittings Tridon