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Pressed V-Clamp

Pressed V-Clamp
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  • Pressed V-Clamp

  • Tridon Pressed V-Clamp (also known as Clam Shell) is a high volume alternative to V Clamps. G Couplings are normally used in automotive applications such as turbochargers, exhaust systems and EGR systems. Typically G Couplings are designed, developed and validated to suit each customers individual application. Tridon G Couplings can therefore be manufactured to suit a wide range of flange types and styles. Comprised of 2 pressed V sections with a joining link, G Couplings have very few component parts making installation and maintenance quick and simple. The compact design also offers space saving advantages when compared to other clamp styles or bolted flange solutions.

Pressed V-Clamp with mechanical connection Pressed V-Clamp with welded connection Pressed V-Clamp with welded connector/retainer


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